Conversations inspire action.


Influencer Marketing

Keep celebrities on the red carpet. We’re about real people with real voices and real influence. Our influencers have extensive followings of engaged, loyal and motivated people ready to hear their next suggestion, recipe or discovery. Working with our community and collaborating with your team, we build social and digital campaigns armed with insights and ready to reach your demographics. No fluff, no filler, no overhyped results. Your campaign focuses on the audience you’re targeting at the retailer you want.

Social Intelligence

Good listeners make great marketers. Whether we’re seeking feedback pre-launch to help your program perform or running an independent study to help you get inside the mind of shoppers to glean insights that will propel your products, shopper voices are the name of the game. We listen to your challenges, propose solutions and outline clear objectives to meet your goals so we’re all speaking the same language. Then, data does its job: we’ll integrate insights into your influence campaign or turn shopper and consumer insights back to you at a mind-boggling pace. Understanding the shopper and using that information to guide decisions (and impress your customer) makes us one big, happy, informed family.  

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Social MEDIA Services

Social never sleeps. Managing social media for your company is an all-consuming task. Whether you’ve got someone (or a team of someones) dedicated to the job or you’re growing so fast that there’s no one minding the (online) ship, we’re here to help. Working closely with your team, we’ll take the helm, help you craft your brand story, create a strategy that focuses on performance metrics and provide a steady stream of content for your platforms so your voice is heard and your audience is engaged. Side note: requests for puns, witty dialogue with customers or an unexpected and clever tone are music to our ears (and fingers).


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