Jacobi Crisler

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Meet Jacobi

When the rest of the Soapbox team begins using jazz hands and social media buzz words, Jacobi steps in to rescue clients with her ability to get to the point. With years of agency experience supporting CPG brands, Jacobi is the task-oriented yen to our over-enthusiastic yang. Her track record for executing shopper marketing initiatives along with her knack for cultivating relationships make her the ultimate sherpa for our programs. On the side, her hobby of remodeling homes has turned into a bit of an illness, but it guarantees her a comfy place to binge watch television with a glass of wine. Also, she may or may not have hosted a social event in college that was crashed by the Harlem Globetrotters.

Reach out to Jacobi and say hello: jacobi@soapboxinfluence.com

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