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Why an influencer marketing agency is critical

Why an influencer marketing agency is critical

Why is an influencer marketing agency critical?

There’s little doubt these days that a digital strategy is essential for businesses and brands to compete in an increasingly noisy world. However, the frenzied adoption of digital and social tactics in the last few years has cluttered the landscape with companies jumping into the social and influencer space without fully comprehending it. Eagerness to jump on the band wagon has also caused many so-called influencers to act rashly and blatantly ignore many of the rules and legalities governing the space (see this article on recent FTC action against individual influencers).

The savviest CPGs and agencies work with knowledgeable influencer agencies.

It’s easy to dismiss the need for a digital, social and influencer company like Soapbox with the thought that it’s easier to do it in house or that dollars can be saved by cutting out the middle man.

In reality, cutting out the middle man can set a brand up for a litany of issues.

There are a litany of potential pitfalls for marketers, from accessing quality influencers (see our post on the power of the power middle) who will perform to negotiating pay rates and contracts, providing clear guidance to ensure brand goals are met, staying apprised of FTC requirements and understanding how to deliver (and measure) an effective campaign. It’s time consuming and frustrating for those who don’t live and breathe in the social space daily.

Perhaps most importantly, a social or influencer initiative should be part of a clear, comprehensive marketing strategy.

At Soapbox Influencer Marketing, we channel our passion and knowledge of the social space to execute seamless campaigns for our clients – so you can focus on your real job and let us worry about the intricacies of the social landscape.And the icing on the cake? We’re fueled by insights, so the summary reports we deliver post-campaign are chock-full of interesting tidbits, relevant data and actionable recommendations. Take that to your next merchant meeting. We’re here to help!

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