Why Time Management Matters To Your Brand Story

The beginning of a fiscal year has magical powers. We have such high hopes and aspirations as we plan out the seasons that are most important to our consumers. Brand Managers are deciding on the best way to reach the hearts of their consumers. National Account Managers are optimistically inching up their sales goals for the year and the Shopper Marketing and Shopper Insights Teams are collaborating and connecting the dots between consumer behavior and shopper purchase. These are no small tasks and we applaud the enthusiasm, passion, and energy that goes into developing your brand’s roadmap.

The middle of a fiscal year is a pivotal checkpoint. Many of you just completed midyear and are galloping a straight path towards the finish line. Checkpoints allow everyone to get on the same page and reassess budgets and priorities. How are you doing? Are you figuring out what your shoppers are begging you to hear? Are you getting to the heart of their frustrations and delights with your products? How is their shopping experience? And, what are they feeling about those competing brands they have decided to experiment with… instead of yours?

The end of a fiscal year is a report card. How did you do? All too often research budgets have maxed out months before they were supposed to. That can be frustrating and we feel your pain. Priorities shift and well, it happens. We get that. But what if some of it can be avoided?

We believe that time management is a strong competitive tool when it comes to the world of insights and thought leadership. Start with getting to the heart of the consumer and determine to understand why they feel the way they do about your category, your brand, and the retailer you serve. Start with getting to the heart of the shopping experience and determine to understand their frustrations, their delights, and stay on top of the pulse of what their next move may be. Start with the determination to not just gather stacks and stacks and stacks of data points. Make this the fiscal year, the midpoint, the month, the week, and the day where you focus on the insights that matter most.

You see, time management in the world of insights is really just focusing on those insights that people are begging brands to hear. You can go down a lot of rabbit holes and follow a lot of shiny objects. And, ultimately, waste a lot of time in the process.

We want to help cut through clutter and get to the insights that really matter. Shall we chat? hello@soapboxinfluence.com