Volume, Impressions and Engagements - Oh My!


When it comes to marketing and advertising, there are certain metrics thrown around such as volume, impressions, and engagements. What do they mean? And, why should these metrics even matter? In a nutshell, these metrics matter when you want to understand who is speaking and who is listening.

First, let’s chat about speaking.

The Soapbox influencer community is comprised of storytellers from all walks of life. When we partner a brand, work begins immediately to find the perfect storytellers to tell the story of the brand. This is where volume comes in. Think of volume as conversations. Every time an influencer talks about the brand on a social platform, they are having a conversation with their readers. Volume is a measurement of all those conversations and re-shares by others in their community.

Next, let’s chat about listening.

Every storyteller in the Soapbox influencer community has followers, people who believe and look forward to listening, reading and watching what they have to say. These followers come from all over the internet and across many platforms. Whenever the influencer speaks online, each and every one of their followers have direct access to the conversation. This is where impressions come in. Think of impressions as potential reach. If they are online and catch the conversation, they are willing to listen because of their relationship.

Engagement is where the magic happens.✨

It is when those who are listening are moved by the story to take action by commenting, re-sharing, liking, or the ultimate compliment… becoming the storyteller themselves.If you are interested in understanding how monitoring volume, impressions, and engagements can make a difference in your influencer campaigns, please contact us today.