Video is King

Video is King.jpg

Lately you may be hearing Video is King, but what does that really mean?

Some compelling stats to consider:

  • Over 84% of consumers have liked a video on social media

  • In 2015 Google saw a 70% increase in ‘how-to’ video searches

  • As of October 2016, Instagram Stories received 100 million views per day

  • With over 8 billion daily video views, Facebook now ranks Live videos above all other content shared on its platform

  • Snapchat receives 100 Billion video views per day

  • Per an Ascend2 report, half of companies are lacking a video marketing strategy

What about your company?

At Soapbox Insights + Influence our community of authentic influencers is consistently knocking video out of the park:

Influencer Nspiyahd Life’s Facebook video for #CookingWithGerber Campaign

How can video work for you and your brand?

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