Our Monthly Soapbox: October 2018

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Our Monthly Soapbox is a round-up of trending social conversations happening across the country. From national holidays to the latest food trend, we're listening in on those trending topics that matter and turning them into relevant and timely data that inspire top-notch influencer campaigns.

Boil, boil teal and trouble! This month, we're taking a look at conversations related to "Halloween Treats." Ya  know, those yummy, Halloween goodies that make our social feeds deliciously, scary during the month of October. πŸ˜‰

Conversation: Halloween Treats



Top themes for "Halloween Treats" include: #Halloween, #treats, #health, #happyhalloween, #food, and #ad (πŸ‘ˆ signaling an influx of Halloween influencer campaigns running during this period)With over 375.K mentions, conversations about "Halloween Treats" begin in September and spike in October. But wait, there's more! This topic alone generates over 8.8M engagements - meaning people are not only seeing the content - they are clicking, liking, sharing, and commenting on that content. Trick or treat yo'self, is right!

Soapbox Stories

Spooky good story-selling from our Megaphoners!

Food for Thought

Trick or Trend: healthy is hip for Halloween. Our assessment of online chatter reveals more conversations around healthy options for this traditionally decadent holiday. Hashtags like #health, #wholefood, #diet and #dietrecipes show that shoppers have their minds on more responsible treats. Are there products in your assortment that are a perfect fit for capitalizing on this trend?

We’re here to help: an influencer marketing campaign is the perfect way to jump on this bandwagon (or hayride) by educating shoppers and driving awareness and activation at the shelf.