Why Infuse Influencer Marketing Into Your Strategy?


There seem to be two distinct camps when it comes to influencer marketing: those who consider it an essential tool in their marketing tool kit, and those who are unsure that it’s effective (or here to stay).

In the retail landscape, there is a stronger tendency among certain categories (grocery, health and beauty, baby) to embrace influencer marketing… while many other sectors of the store remain less prone to enter the space. This is partially a function of sales and scale.

So, why should you infuse influencer marketing into your marketing strategy?

The great news about influencer marketing is that a strong program can be delivered across virtually every price point. Tiffany Morris, Senior Manager Product Development and Sourcing at Walmart, points out that on the pay to play landscape, influencer marketing is an approachable tactic for brands who might find traditional advertising methods (such as television) unrealistic and cost-prohibitive.

Some considerations for working influence into your promotion plans:

  • Test and learn. Focus on a key product, new item launch, or complementary product lineup. We often build a smaller-scale program for first time clients so they (or their brand team and leadership) can adjust to the process of running an influencer campaign and what it entails. This is a great way to increase comfort and give a team exposure to our deliverables, client service and reporting.

  • Start with social. One way to stretch dollars and campaign efficacy is to focus less on original content creation (such as long-form blog posts and videos) and to run a primarily social campaign. This delivers exposure and creative visual assets while still allowing us to leverage a higher number of influencers.

  • Create a steady cadence. Once you've started down the path of test-driving influencer marketing, it’s a good idea to not let off the gas. Planning subsequent campaigns allows brands to capitalize on their initial spend (and occasionally it may even be appropriate to repurpose content to keep up the steady marketing drumbeat).

  • Rinse and repeat. On a similar note, spending time with account managers immediately following a campaign creates an opportunity to strategically plan future marketing initiatives with fresh learnings on the heels of a completed program. We typically provide strategic recommendations for our clients to share with their merchants, and our insights team often identifies related shopper marketing opportunities.

The bottom line? Don’t let influencer marketing fall to the bottom of your list. We’d love to help you pinpoint your strategy!