Drive Awareness With “Digital Demos”

Think about the last in-store demo your brand executed (or put on your shopper hat and think about the last item you tried in-store). Effective?

Brands are examining the intersection of cost and return on in-store demos, and they can certainly be an excellent tool in the shopper marketing tool kit.

When a shopper encounters an in-store demo, she may enjoy the product and she may add it to her cart - in fact, she may even become a product-devotee who continues to purchase the item regularly.

However, a shopper rarely runs out of the store to tell her closest 50 (or 5,000) friends about the product she sampled.

This is why we are increasingly executing KKG Digital Demos for our clients.


We orchestrate putting the product in the hands of “everyday influencers” to drive awareness with “the power middle.” These are the hyperlocal influencers who are regionally relevant; those who wield an audience of 2,500 to 25,000 intensely loyal and engaged followers.

You know all those statistics around the power of word of mouth and recommendations from friends (i.e. Forbes: Why Word Of Mouth Marketing Is The Most Important Social Media)? 

Here’s the thing: your average shopper considers her favorite blogger a friend - in fact, they’ve probably had conversations via social media or “IRL.”

As she makes out her shopping list for the week, she’s scrolling the Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards of her favorite style setters, and she turns to the authentic opinions and tastes of her preferred social (media) circle when deciding to try a new product. To get on her list, a product needs to be top of mind in the moments that matter.


So the next time you’re looking at a costly in-store demo, consider a digital demo as an alternative, and get a little more bang for your demo bucks.

We’ll help you place your item in the hands of an eager, enthusiastic and authentic “power middle” - shoppers who love to uncover the next big thing, raise their megaphones and tell everyone within their sphere of influence all about their finds and favorite brands.

Bonus: we’re adept at gathering real-time insights and product feedback from that same roster of vocal, opinionated and hyperaware shoppers!

We’re ready when you are!