Don't Get Left Out In The Cold!


It's isn't too late to activate December/January Programs!

With the passage of Halloween, retailers and CPGs are turning their attention to the looming approach of holiday shopping and Black Friday/Cyber Monday. For brands looking for performance from key items on the shelf this holiday season, the landscape can be daunting. Fickle shoppers, evolving habits, a propensity for online shopping and an incredibly cluttered and noisy marketplace can have shopper marketers and salespeople quaking in their boots.Happily, it isn't too late to drive awareness and sales THIS season.

Social tactics, including influencer marketing initiatives, can be turned on rapidly without the long lead times and giant budgets required of most in-store and traditional marketing strategies.

As an example, a three week push starting between Cyber Monday and the first week of December can still be easily pulled off with the "go" flag waved as late as Thanksgiving.Similarly, digital shopper marketing tied to food, fitness, lifestyle, home decor and beauty shifts for the new year and new item launches for spring can be working in the background in December, leave nothing but a level to pull for impact in early January.

The #SoapboxSquad stands at the ready to help you inspire with influence initiatives. After all, the power of word of mouth marketing remains the fastest way to reach and impact shoppers.Ready to pull that lever? Connect with us today!