Don’t Be Scared

Now that Halloween has ended, are thoughts of Black Friday haunting you and your marketing team?

With just three weeks to go, more than 133 million Americans are creating their Black Friday lists and putting their playbooks together of “must haves” this year. Are your products on their list?

Less money, more deliverables is what a lot of marketing teams are hearing these days. Blocked ads and consumer skepticism of celebrity endorsements mean that brands need more credible ways to communicate with shoppers. Who you gonna call? (Hint* Not Ghostbusters)

At Soapbox Insights + Influence we are ready to leverage the authentic voices of our influencers who are tied closely to their communities to catapult awareness of your brand. You don’t have to be afraid – we do all of the work and management for you! Best of all, it’s not too late to activate an influencer marketing campaign or social media push for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season (or to gather critical shopper insights on this key buying period).

Shoppers want to know more about your products. Let us help you tell them.

Want to learn more? Connect with us at look forward to talking soon!