Conversations That Matter


In a nutshell, the social world is exactly that. It’s social. Sometimes it can feel inauthentic like those late-night television commercials that scream, “buy now, buy two, buy three” and “wait, there’s more.” Sadly, it never feels like more and can leave us with a bad taste in our mouth for that particular brand. At Soapbox Influence not only do we monitor the social conversations surrounding a campaign but we also work with our influencer community to stress the importance to have conversations about brands that are real, authentic, and in their own voice.

Remember, word-of-mouth campaigns are like a friend having a conversation with another friend. And their friends. And their friends.

We take pride in digging into the social conversations related to every campaign. What was the conversational tone and sentiment before the campaign? During? After? Are consumers voicing frustrations? Which retailers were mentioned? What was said about the shopping experience? Which platform had the most engagements? And, why? When did conversation volume spike? Why did it spike?

You see, volume is just another word for conversations. When you partner with us, we take care to ensure that metrics have a real-world point of reference so that you can actually do something with what you have learned.

We want to help you communicate data to your team so that it makes a connection beyond just a stat and becomes more like 360-degree storytelling.If you are interested in understanding how monitoring social conversations can make a difference in your influencer campaigns, please contact us today.