Campaigns Infused with Performance Metrics


You finally got that line item budget signed off and are now ready to launch your first influencer campaign. Congratulations! We know you are looking forward to getting the word out about how awesome your brand is and how wonderfully it will fit into your customer's lifestyle. We agree, you certainly have something to get excited about!

But now what?

Now that you've signed the dotted line, what can you expect? How will you determine if your campaign was a success? How will you explain it?

Helping you communicate ROI is the utmost importance to our team at Soapbox Influencer Marketing. We will arm you with impressions, hashtag volume, potential reach, engagement, keyword frequency, volume by channel, share of voice, regional heat maps, demographics, sentiment, moods, conversational insights, and retailer-specific data points.

You will receive stats throughout the campaign so if we need to boost amplification to meet your objectives, no problem! And, when everything is said in done, we will deliver you an easy to comprehend analysis written in a way so that you, your sales team, your merchandiser, your category advisor, and your marketing team understand the results the way they need to see it. From their point of view.

We think you should expect more from your campaigns and we will always work hard to infuse your program with performance metrics, insights, and actionable recommendations.