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You’ve cultivated your image, refined your voice and fostered a following that awaits your next post, pin or pre-work out regimen. Maybe you’re a wellness warrior, a tastemaker, a lifestyle guru or a parenting powerhouse. Whatever your niche, we’re here to help you amplify your platform and partner with big time brands in a way that’s creatively fulfilling (and fun for your bank account).


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Here’s how it works:

  • We pitch brands to hire influencers (like you) to convey their message in an authentic way.

  • We pair influencers with the right brand, service or product for their voice and audience.

  • We provide guidance, tips, training and support along the way.

  • We offer opportunities for newbies to grow and learn the ropes.

  • We crunch the numbers and pull performance data on your work.

  • We manage the demands, deadlines and client relationships.

  • We pay YOU (well and quickly) to produce great work.

What do you do? What you do best — create killer content that connects to your audience.


Megaphone Summit

For the last nine years, we’ve brought together bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and content rockstars from around the country for the ultimate influencer inspo-event. Lifestyle to food, fashion to fitness, whatever you’re into — so are we. For three days, we collaborate, network, brainstorm, blabber and get excited about the year ahead. Join us this year to make fresh connections, inhale creative inspiration, strengthen your skills and focus on your platform.


All the “likes.”